Kim Kardashian’s Pre-Wedding Bridal Bash


From the slew of black and white photo booth snaps that found their way onto Kim Kardashian’s Instagram feed on Saturday, we knew something was up. And we were right: the bride-to-be gathered with family and friends at the Peninsula Hotel in Beverly Hills to celebrate her upcoming nuptials wedding of the year to Kanye West. The party-before-the-party included Parisian touches like boxes of Laduree macarons and mini Eiffel Tower chocolates wrapped with a big white bow. Kim wore a fitted white dress with a strand of pearls as straps to celebrate (read: take a lot of photo booth pictures with her girls).

The wedding is just 12 days away (though, technically, the couple is already married), and is set to happen somewhere in Paris. The invitation was only sent to 100 people, but was somehow leaked, and features gold writing and very few details about where the event will take place. One thing’s for sure, though: we’re getting tired of all this speculation. Though Kimmy denies that the wedding will be filmed, we can’t help but fantasize about the day when we can sit back, relax, and watch it all unfold before our eyes on E!.