Kylie Jenner Revives the Shaved Head Trend

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Kylie Jenner is shaking up her look once again with a shorn scalp.

The youngest of the Kardashian clan nonchalantly showed off the fresh cut that went only a few inches above the nape of her neck via Instagram with the caption: “So this happened yesterday.” The edgy new addition (or rather subtraction) to her strands is just the latest in Jenner’s teenage tress experiments. Perviously, she test-drove a blonde balayage at Coachella that eventually turned blue.

We can’t say we’re surprised by the shave, as the look has popped up in different places on the head since its resurgence in 2010. Plus, most teens try to find new ways to rebel and help them stand out from the crowd. We admit we’ve rocked a rainbow of hair colors when we were her age (though our fascination hasn’t ended). Even if Jenner gets sick of the looks, she can always cover it up. After all, it’s just hair – have fun with it!