Lea Michele Gabs About Glee

Lea Michele and her golden voice are heading back to school this fall for the new season of Glee, and we can’t wait! Glam got a chance to chat with the starlet, who crossed the country last week to help kick off Valspar and Habitat for Humanity’s Hands for Habitat initiative, about Glee’s 4th season, its Emmy nods, and Rachel Berry’s expected adventures in the Big Apple.

What’s going to happen for the fourth season of Glee?
Our first episode is great. It’s an awesome, you know, back to Glee, following up on the kids who are still in high school, and you see Rachel in New York City. And also, our second episode is a Britney Spears tribute, our second one that we’re doing.

How do you think Rachel Berry will fit in at the New York Academy of the Dramatic Arts?
Well, she’s definitely a little bit of a fish out of water… but I get a feeling that she’s going to get her groove.

What’s the biggest obstacle she’ll face this season?
I think the biggest obstacle is that she’s now going to be in a school with 1400 other Rachel Berry’s, which I don’t think she’s super prepared for. I’m thinking she’s definitely trying to put on a great face and make everyone back in Ohio think that she’s like doing well, but she hasn’t been in contact with Finn, and she’s kind of struggling. But I think it’s great, because I feel like Rachel always is at her best when she kind of has to fight her way to the top.

So who can we expect to see this season strolling the halls of William McKinley High?

We have Kate Hudson and Sarah Jessica Parker doing a few guest spots at the beginning of our season, I’m all turned up. I’m very, very, very happy about that. Oh my God, I mean Carrie Bradshaw. It’s amazing. I really think having Sarah Jessica Parker and Kate Hudson come for our fourth season, it’s so great for our show. They’re so incredible and I’m very thankful. I think I’m more excited about this season than think for any season.

The Emmy nominations were just announced. How do you feel about Glee getting only 3 nominations?
We really had our time with all of the rewards and everything, and I’m such a fan of so many shows that are out right now – Girls, that got so many nominations. I love Lena [Dunham] – she’s amazing! And so, I think it’s definitely time to support the other shows and be happy for them. I’m very proud of our last season, so I’m just really excited to get to sit and watch.

Catch the season premiere of Glee September 13th.