Lenny Kravitz Likes His Conversations Retro—On a Rotary

Now this is what we call classic-contemporary communication. Rocker Lenny Kravitz was recently spotted strolling around SoHo having a heart-to-heart on his iPhone—via a rotary phone handle. Take that BlueTooth!

Our gadget-obsessed spies tell us that Kravitz is using the POP Phone. The brainchild of French designer David Turpin, this novelty handset replaces earbuds as a much cooler way to communicate without actually holding your mobile phone up to your ear, thus drastically eliminating your absorption of cell phone-based radiation—up to 99%!

And talking through technology just got a bit more comfortable—simply plug it into the stereo jack on your mobile phone, tablet, or laptop to carry on conversations. The handle is soft and easy to grip, and comes equipped a with pick up-hang up button and a noise reduction system along with an excellent speaker and microphone. Translation: Hopefully you'll never have to utter this phrase again—”Can you hear me now?!”

POP Phone is available atNativeUnion.com for $29.90. (iPad and iPhone not included.)