Let Matrix Maintain Your Mane with Google Glass


While gadget geeks everywhere are using their tax refunds to snap up a pair of Google Glasses for themselves (remember, it’s a one day only sale), Matrix has already found a way to take tech specs to the salon chair.

The brand’s Class for Glass will include an upcoming app for professional stylists as well as video series for mane mavens who wants to get salon-quality styles at home. Matrix’s Artistic Director Ammon Carver worked with celebrity stylist George Papanikolas to create a series of in-depth tress tutorials that capture styling sessions directly from the eyes of the stylists. The series will also include a few familiar faces from your favorite beauty blogs as they recreate the latest hair trends.

Plus, if you sit in Papanikolas’s chair at The Andy LeCompter Salon, you can have him record your style session and email to you for a personalized hair how-to of your own!

Looks like we’ll need our own set of geek chic specs!