Let’s Get Glowing: Your Guide To Smooth Summer Legs


Sun’s out—legs out! The season of bare skin is upon us, but before you slip into a cute pair of cutoffs or a skater skirt this summer, make sure your legs look their best! Check out our easy three-step guide to showing off gorgeous, healthy gams.

1. Soak
Never shave dry skin. You want your hair be slightly soft before you start shaving, so let your legs soak in warm water for 3 or so minutes.

2. Shave
Look for a razor with at least five blades to ensure a smooth shave. Venus & Olay teamed up to create a five-blade razor surrounded by sugarberry-scented Olay moisture bars, eliminating the need for shave gel. The soft-grip handle makes it easy to control so you don’t have to worry about nicks. Speaking of nicks, the razor exfoliates the skin’s surface while shaving by gently removing the top layer of dead, loose skin cells, resulting in less cuts and more natural radiance.

3. Apply Lotion
Moisturize post-shower before your skin is completely dry—damp skin better absorbs the ingredients in your lotion, leaving skin silky and soft.