Lip Service: Our Favorite Tips for Kissable Lips


1. Hydrate
Drinking enough water is key in maintaining luscious lips throughout the changing seasons. To prevent chapped lips, it’s important to hydrate from the inside out by consuming at least eight 8-ounce glasses a day.

2. Exfoliate
Harsh weather has its effects on your body’s exterior too, especially your lips, which face seasonal elements such as wind and sun on a daily basis. To rid your pout of dry, flaky skin, smooth its surface with a lip scrub. Plenty of wonderful ones are available for purchase, but a DIY lip-buffing concoction made with brown sugar will do the trick just as well.

3. Moisturize
Unlike the rest of your body, your lips don’t have oil or sweat glands, so they need extra help handling dry weather. Besides hydrating on the inside and exfoliating on the outside, fighting chapped lips requires daily moisturizing with the help of a balm. Make sure you choose one with sunscreen to shield lips from burning rays.

4. Gloss
Kissable lips should be topped off with a touch of color. For daily gloss, go with a soft, weightless shine made possible by Maybelline Color Whisper, available in 20 perfectly pouty hues.