Little Luxuries to Break the Daily Grind

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We can all relate to the perils of the daily grind—the ups, the downs, and the in-betweens of life as we know it. Hard work and hustle are important, but it’s also imperative to take time now and then during the weekly chaos to appreciate the present. Find a little luxury that can break up your day. It doesn’t have to be dramatic; it just needs to be powerful enough to recharge your attitude when you need a bit of a break. Here are three to try this summer.


Powder-Room Revamp
It’s common to look a little rough around the edges come midday. Take time to refresh your look. Pack the perfume that makes you happiest as well as makeup to touch up your face for a beauty revamp around lunchtime, wherever you are.

Beverage Break
There’s nothing like a bit of “me” time amid a busy day, even if it’s for only 15 minutes. Unwind with something that will make you feel good. Try a tasty Lipton Iced Tea, which comes in a number of delicious flavors such as Citrus Green Tea, Peach, and Lemon. Like tasting the sunshine in a bottle, Lipton Iced Tea is infused with a unique blend of real tea for a wonderful taste that refreshes the body and mind..

Sun Run
It’s summertime and the living is easy. Unless you’re stuck in an office 9-to-5. Take advantage of the warm weather during any breaks during the day and go outside to enjoy the sun. Sunshine has a biological effect on our mood—happy effects to be exact—to provide for the perfect little pick-me-up to break up the daily grind.