Live From the American Express Skybox: 5 Things We Learned About the CFDA’s Steven Kolb


American Express treated select cardmembers (and to a special Q+A with the CEO of the Council of Fashion Designers of America, Steven Kolb. The newly wed was very candid in sharing his views on fashion, the direction the industry is headed, how the fashion industry is a lot more caring than you might think, well, we won't get babbling, let's just get to the good stuff! Here are five things we learned about Mr. Kolb in the American Express Skybox.

1. Steven thinks seasonless fashion maybe the way of the future.
When asked how he thought the runway was translated for consumers, Steven said, “technology has really changed things, and eventually, I don't know that this will happen in my lifetime, but we may go season less at some point.”

2. The CFDA's mission is to promote and grow American fashion.
And that could be anything from helping designers secure PR to landing liscesing and distrabution deals. “I've said this many times, we're like the customer service to the industy,” Steven said.

3. The fashion industry isn't filled with raging egomaniacs.
Within 10 days of Hurricane Sandy, the CFDA raised $1.6 million dollars. “The fashion industry is built with creative people and in my experience, those creative people have such deep feelings that are really heart felt, and the way that they care about humanity, and the way that everyone in the industry really makes an effort for social change, is I think, the real statement in fashion.”

4. New York Fashion Week is just as good as Paris Fashion Week.
“You can go to Paris and have a great time, but you're going to see great shows here and really, the new designers are being discovered,” said Steven, after he called himself the 'cheerleader of American fashion.'

5. The greatest lesson he learned from CFDA President Diane von Furstenberg is to be fearless.
“There's no fear in her life, and I think that's a good thing if you want to accomplish something. If you want a job, or a new boyfriend or girlfriend, don't be afraid just go for it.”