Live From the American Express Skybox: Lucy Sykes Says Rent the Runway Gives You a Cinderella Experience


You've got the perfect pair of shoes and perhaps even a gentleman to wear them out with, but now the only thing missing is a dress. What is a girl to do? Visit Rent the Runway, according to Lucy Sykes.

During Fashion Week, Rent The Runway's Fashion Director took a moment between shows to chat up cardholders in the American ExpressSkybox. “We're giving you a Cinderella experience at a very small cost at what it would be if you were going and buying a ball gown at Vera Wang,” she explained. Renters can chose a dress with the option of two sizes and lengths that you can keep for 4 to 8 days.

“You can rent the most beautiful dress from this season, now, that you've seen in Bergdorf Goodman, that've seen in Saks Fifth Avenue, you can rent it, but for 20% of the cost,” Sykes said.

Real women post pictures of themselves to the company's website wearing their dresses. “You can see the model, you can also see real women [wearing the dress]. “Not every woman looks like a model, she wants to see, oh, she's got big hips, she's got big boobs.

“Our Facebook page, is one of our most popular pages, almost more popular than our blog or even website. Girls who are going to prom, who have a first date or an engagement party, post pictures of themselves, beautiful bodies, beautiful dress, as if they are celebrities,” Sykes said of the importance role social media has played for the brand. “They're in a Vera Wang on Monday night, on Wednesday night they're in the Halston, on Friday, they're in the Prabal.”

Still not convinced? Rent the Runway has 26 stylists working the phones 24/7–ask for Emily but shh, don't tell anyone– and if you're in New York, they have a show room in the West Village!