Live From the American Express Skybox: No Joe Zee is Not a Hairstylist


When Lottie Oakley introduced Elle creative director and Sundance TV's All on the Line's Joe Zee to the cardmembers in the American Express Skybox, she laughed, when I met you, you were a fashion editor, now you're a reality star!” Zee is fine with that transition. “It's not a situation that's just unique to me, a lot of players in the world of fashion have become a lot more high profile,” he said.

The once esoteric industry has gained tremendous visibility. “Long before social media, long before things appeared on television, long before The September Issue, The Devil Wears Prada and all of these things that, sort of, blown the lid off, we didn't really know. And now we know,” recounted Zee. “Before Rachel Zoe, no one even knew what a stylist was, I'd tell people I was a stylist, they said, 'ugh, how do you do hair?'”

Several fashion insiders who once worked behind the scenes have now become pseudo celebrities in their own right. “I think if you love fashion, you'd love all the players in it,”said Zee. And the assembled crowd clearly adored him.

Joe's pseudo celebrity has afforded him great opportunities like the work he's doing with Vente-Privee. “It's flash sale website that you can find things 60,70, 90% off, and it's a member's only website, but it's free,” he explained to the audience. “What I'm doing as a style curator, is I get to go in there with my editorial spin on things. I get to call some of my friends who are designers and say hey, let me spotlight that item for you, we've have amazing things: a Jack Spade briefcase, a Theory jacket, and right now, I called my friend Thakoon, and there is an amazing sale up right now.” At which point Lottie announces that she will be logging into the site from her iPhone.

“I can leverage my relationships with these designers and say, how do we bring what you do, to everyone else,” he said before heading back down to the tents.