Live From the American Express Skybox: The Test Tadashi Shoji Gives His Dresses


Fresh off the runway, designer Tadashi Shoji stopped by the American Express Skybox to chat with cardmembers and about the inspiration behind his Fall 2013 collection (Anna Karenina), not knowing about the dart stitch, and realizing the magic clothing possesses to transform the female figure.

Shoji wanted to be an artist for as long as he could remember, but instead of using paints and brushes, women's bodies became his canvas. “I like to make women's bodies look good, that is my starting point,” he said. “I think you should be comfortable, I like my dresses to be comfortable.” It's no wonder stars likeĀ Octavia Spencer choose Shoji's creations for major red carpet moments. “I was so excited when she won and that the press gave her best dressed…if she didn't we might not have been friends anymore,” he said.

Though most women will never hit the red carpet, they still take their wardrobe choices quite seriously. One attendee lauded him for the way his dresses fit, even though 'she isn't a supermodel's size.' That's when Shoji explained the way he tests his garments–he asks the model, who is usually a size 8, 'Can you walk? Can you sit down?' He does this over and over until it is effortless and elegant.

“If you can make the same dress look beautiful in a size 2 and an 8, that is the trick,” he said. We're inclined to agree.