Liya Kebede Still Needs to Shop the Born Free Collection


Liya Kebede is all about championing causes that support women’s health. GLAM caught up with the supermodel during one of her other charitable contributions, the launch party for her partnership with David Yurman, and couldn’t help but ask Kebede about the Born Free collection on sale right now at Shopbop.

“I haven’t bought anything,” she told us. “You know, I’m really nervous; it’s almost sold out. I really have to get something. Especially for my daughter–there are such cute things for little girls.”

The mother of two takes every opportunity she can to help other mothers.

“Born Free has very bold role, trying to eliminate mother to child transfusion of AIDS by 2015,” Kebede told GLAM about her partnership with Vogue and Shopbop. “It’s doable. With my foundation, I also work on making sure women get health services before, during, and after pregnancy and childbirth.”

“So it’s an obvious relationship between my foundation and Born Free,” she continued. “Born Free's mission is as simple as getting an [HIV-positive] woman one pill a day and that will make sure her child is born free of the virus, which is an incredible thing. It’s been amazing the that the fashion community has embraced this–and it's been nice to see all these women designers be a part of it. They’re all moms, and it’s been very exciting.”

We asked the woman who can’t stop celebrating mothers how she intents to uplift her own for Mother’s Day.

“We don’t have Mother’s Day in Ethiopia and we don’t have Mother’s Day in Africa,” Kebede explains. “So I guess my mother will just get a phone call.”

Which she undoubtedly will appreciate we’re sure.