Looking Back With Lala Anthony

We spent our teen years glued to MTV every afternoon to watch Lala Anthony host TRL. Though the show’s been off the air for a few years, we couldn’t help but hope for a revival when we briefly chatted with the now VH1 reality star. She dished about the her new reality perspective on Lala’s Full Court Life, how she stays gorgeous on the go, and even her Halloween plans before she partied the night away with pals Po, Dice and Nick Cannon in the DJ booth at mur. mur nightclub at the Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa.

Given that you’ve hosted reality show reunions in the past, how does it feel to be on the other side of the fence?
I didn’t plan for it to happen this way. The thing is we were having a great time, and then [Lala’s Full Court Life] came along. It’s definitely different but we’re having a good time with it.

There’s been a wave of nostalgia coming back to TV. Do you think MTV will ever revive TRL? That would just be amazing! I mean, never say never because you never know. We had something special there, and it would be great to have it again. But then again there’s always something cool about having that memory and kind of leaving it where it is. So it could go either way. I would be very happy if that happened.

If it did make its way back on air, would you guest host? I would definitely do it. I could host it with my eyes closed.

You always look fabulous, but we know you’re a busy mom. What are the three beauty essentials you keep with you on the go? Carmex is always in my purse for my son and myself. I always keep baby wipes for myself and mostly for my son. And I always keep a good eyeliner because I feel like you don’t have to put makeup on if you put an eyeliner on. All of a sudden it makes your face look alive.

Halloween is just around the corner; do you plan on dressing up with your son, Kiyan? I absolutely plan on dressing up. I’m a parent so my son wants to be a ninja, so we’ll have to see what outfit I can come up with.

You can catch new episodes of Lala’s Full Court Life every Monday at 9pm on VH1.