LORAC Goes Wild for Summer With a TANtalizing Collection

Tired of probing those never-ending beauty aisles for hues that stand out in heatwaves? Good because LORAC has done the digging for you. Clutch your summer essentials and calm your craving for all things wild with a collection that'll leave a tantalizing trail wherever you turn.

The brand's limited-edition Wild For TANtalizer kit packs a dose of sunshine to give you that fresh-from-vacation glow with ease. The warm-hued trifecta includes the Wild for TANtalizer body bronzer, eye shadow palette, and Lips With Benefits gloss that's topped with a sweet note of creme brûlée. In three easy steps, you can bump up your bronze factor with dew-dusted skin, enchanting eyes, and a sexy pout that screams summertime fine. Plus, you can take your look from sunrise to sunset by simply applying an extra layer to define your best warm-weather features. Get ready to bear your bronze in compact form bey tossing this kit into your beach tote or handbag for a sultry summer look.

Available at LORACCosmetics.com for $39.