Lorde Likes to Keep It Real


…when it comes to her skin, that is.

As if we couldn’t dig the Grammy winning songstress anymore, Lorde took to Twitter to on Sunday to put a Photoshopper in their place. She shared two images from her set at Lollapalooza in Santiago, Chile, one with a flawless face, and the real image of her with an acne flare up. “Remember flaws ares ok,” she captioned the images with a smiley face.

This isn’t the first time the teen pop star shared her all natural beauty – flaws and all. She’s previously shared snaps from her hotel featuring a few dollops of acne cream. Don’t let the upcoming MAC collection fool you; she’s all about natural beauty and makeup as a form of expression, which is what we’re here for. Keep up the good work, Lorde!