Louis Vuitton Fall 2013


DESIGNER: Louis Vuitton

INSPIRATION:Marc Jacobs, the Creative Director of Louis Vuitton, presented a collection heavy in classic femininity and influenced by the romance and eroticism of bedroom dress during the 1920s. With a replica of an actual hotel on the Cour Carrée du Louvre runway, models exited the cherry wood doors of their make believe dressing rooms in elegant housecoats, sheer and beaded slips, playful tops and bottoms and silk pencil coats with bralette pairings. Despite the nostalgic feeling of the pieces, which gave off an air of femme fatale, each look maintained a level of modernity and sophistication making them appropriate for today.

TRENDS: 1920s type silhouettes, silk and lace nightie and pajama inspired dresses and separates, fur overcoats, velvet and embellished v-neck gowns, oversized wool jackets.

PALETTE: Beige, blues and greens, slate grey and rosy rusts.

WHO SHOULD WEAR IT: Sultry housewives with the luxury of tending to the home all dressed up in their finest boudoir wear. Our favorite vampy celebs, like Rooney Mara and Dita Von Teese.

WHO WAS THERE: Naomi Watts, Jessica Chastain and Kate Moss(on the runway)