Louis Vuitton Fall 2014


DESIGNER:Nicolas Ghesquière

INSPIRATION: “Today is a new day,” Ghesquière wrote in his typewritten show notes which were placed on every seat at his show. “The quest for authenticity and innovation. The desire for timelessness.” That’s just what Ghesquière presented in his debut collection for the French fashion house—with the help of the women around him. “I will not say it was effortless, but it was a much more natural and easy process,” he told Style. “I listened to the girls in the studio a lot, the women around me, what they want, what they need.”

TRENDS: Cropped tops, exaggerated shoulders, pants nipped at the waist, quilted skirts, sharp collars and knotted belts (think J.Crew but cooler)

PALETTE: Maroon, mustard, black, blue, and shades of brown

WHO WAS THERE: Princess Charlene of Monaco, Azzedine Alaïa, Christian Louboutin, Silva Fendi, Stefano Pilati, Jean Paul Gaultier, Kate Mara, Cindy Sherman and Chloë Sevigny

WHO SHOULD WEAR IT: The general public. Now it’s clear why Ghesquière is such a good fit for Vuitton. His collection isn’t so high fashion that it will alienate women who would normally only purchase a handbag from the brand. He’s an integral part of building up the lifestyle-aspect of Louis Vuitton.