Love, Lights, and Lipstick with Dolce & Gabbana’s Massimiliano della Maggesa


Dolce & Gabbana is known for its sultry sensibility that translates from the clothing rack to the beauty counter. But the brand is after something sweeter with its Summer Glow collection. Glam got the rare chance to chat with the brand’s Italian National Makeup Artist, Massimiliano della Maggesa, who has worked side-by-side with the legendary Pat McGrath to create amazing runway looks every season. He shared the exotic locales that inspired the summer selections, the secret behind crafting the perfect contour, and the subtle differences between Italian and American beauty buffs.

On the Summer Glow Collection’s Inspiration:

It’s coming from the light–the light that they see when they go to vacation or for work or for every single trip in June that they do in the South of Italy [in] places like Capri, Vulcano, Panerea,Sicily, especially Taormina. When you’re there, the light at night, is really special. It’s an orange color, like the new [eye] palette in Tangierit’s a mix of gold and orange together. During the night [there ’s] the reflection of the moonlight on the stones, especially close to Capri. The Falaghoni so famous–the stones when they reflect the light from the moon, there are kind of green and purple mixed with blue together from the sea. The light [are] romance lights, so it’s more romantic than sensual, but you can find the sensuality and the Italian-ity in there.

On Romancing Dolce & Gabbana’s Classic Fragrances, Light Blue:

The new fragrances—one is Escape to Panarea and one is, for men, Discover Vulcanoand this is limited edition of the new fragrances. [It’s] the part of the romance of Dolce and Gabbana because this is the kind of journey where the two lovers go to Capri and to discover the isles, to escape to Panarea because there are too much people in there, and they want to stay by themselves. Panarea is the isle of the love, but Vulcano is the aisles where you can feel natural. It’s a clean, right message for the people–love you, take care about you.

On the Difference Between American and Italian Makeup Mavens:

When I arrived yesterday, I saw people around the city that are so beautiful and they love makeup. They love to show the makeup, they love to follow trends, or they love just to follow just basic, normal makeup. Our philosophy at the company–the make up has to be not loud anytime. An Italian woman [will use] a lipstick, a red one, and a gloss sometimes–not too much–mascara and bronzer of course. And I think the American woman is more into the kit. Maybe they have two mascaras, they have more products for the eyes, products for the skin, but also now people understand that one of the most important focus of beauty is to take care of you. It’s made to be comfortable, to be unique and at the same time universal.

On the Big Bronzing and Contouring Craze:

It’s happened that the people understand that to be in shape. You can use in very precise and technical way. That’s why the designers created the dual bronzer so they underline the duality of the company because we have two designers on the top and they underline that people can use the dark shade to contour and the light shade, mixed with a little blush just to make you a little bit healthy-look and then you can use also the two colors together and you have a shade to enhance more your beauty.

My tip is to use two colors together to mix. Have the right color matching with the body color and then to [apply] with the hand, and you can use a little bit of the highlight with the concealer. And then after this you can contour [with] blush in tan or caramel, or you can use the double bronzer just to make your skin beautiful. I lighten on the top of the brows; I lighten on the nose and on the cupid’s bow.I’ll lighten a little bit of [the] cheek and maybe some people need a little bit more on eyes.

On Expanding Dolce & Gabbana’s Roster of Muses:

Oh my god we have a lot of muses, one of the most important Monica Bellucci, the other is Scarlett Johansson, and the other is Leticia Castafor the fragrance for women. And then we have the new Kate King for Dolce and few coming in the future, but I can’t say anything, but they are coming for the new collection of skincare and other products. We have different women around us and the reason why is because the beauty, the Dolce and Gabbana beauty is also the fashion–it’s for everybody!