Lubov Azria Wants Women to Borrow from the Boys


For Lubov Azria, BCBG Spring 2014 isn't just about the tailored silhouettes she sent down the runway, but the process to get them there. “It’s the way we work that makes a difference,” she told GLAM backstage at her September 5 show. “The way we start working on a collection is that we deconstruct and reconstruct, meaning you take the pieces and you take them apart completely, and then put them together in a new way.”


While their latest designs stayed “true to the DNA of BCBG,” Azria and her husband Max looked to menswear as their reference point. “We started with men’s shirts—just deconstructed and reconstructed really bright men’s shirts—and that’s how the collection started, and that floated into everything else that we do.” Still playfully elegant and luxurious, the borrowed-from-the-boys aesthetic was present in tuxedo accents, cuff details, and tailcoats; and even though this collection was created with warmer weather in mind, Azria hopes to see its influence reach women this fall.

“I think I’m looking for freshness. I’m looking for something that really gets my blood going,” she said. “I really like the idea of easy, fluid pieces with men’s influence and sportswear more and more. I think it’s cool.” That rule doesn't just go for her ideal BCBG woman, but for herself, too.

“I would be a tuxedo shirt, definitely,” she responded when asked what she would be if she were a piece of clothing. “love the idea of old Hollywood and dressing up. I just think it’s perfect.”

Funny—that's exactly how we feel about BCBG's spring runway!