M.I.A. Confirms Collaboration with Versace

VERSACE IS CERTAINLY ON THE TIP OF EVERYONE'S TONGUES this week. As the fashion house denied Lana Del Rey as its new face, M.I.A. revealed that she is working with the brand during a talk at MOMA’s PS1 on Sunday. According to Spin, as she was projecting some of the images, screenshots, and Photoshop experiments that inspired her to create music in the first place from her laptop, the audience got a peek into her personal folders that included some labeled “Versace Prints,” “Bootleg Versace,” and “Versace Outlines.” While she did confirm the collaboration, she didn’t go into detail of what it would entail. But with an artistic background that includes working with London’s prestigious Central St. Martins and her frequent print mixing, she’s sure to shake things up with incredible results!