Major Maxxies for Under $40


Generally, the less you can wear in the summer, the better. Crop tops and high waisted skirts? Yes. Flowing dresses? Definitely a yes. However, for some reason, maxi dresses are like chocolate when warm weather arrives—it’s impossible to stop eating after just once piece and the dessert tastes delicious even if it’s melting. The same goes for maxi dresses. Sure, your legs may be a little toasty but the simple, throw on and go mentality is just too perfect for those muggy July days. Stock your wardrobe with these options and you’ll be floating through summer, maxi style.

1. Mossimo High Neck Maxi, $32.99

2. Blue Amethyst Maxi, $29.99

3. Floral Print, $29.99

4. Navy Maxi Dress, $18.00

5. Lantern Maxi, $29.99