Mary Kay Bottles Nature for Fresher Faces

Your life may be hectic juggling school, work, family, and fun, but that doesn't mean your skin care regime has to be. Mary Kay is simplifying how you take care of your face with a new collection that's infused with nature's best ingredients and tailored to your skin type. Mary Kay Botanical Effects is a four-step system that cleanses, hydrates, masks, and freshens your complexion, regardless of skin type. If you've got dry, flaky skin, you can count on formula one's flax seed and sea kelp extracts for added moisture. Those with normal skin should use formula two, which contains frangipani flower and water lily extracts, to embed extra antioxidants into your skin. The rest of you, who suffer from oily skin and crave a matte finish, turn to formula three; its kanuka extract contains purifying antioxidants and unclogs pores, while its guava extract serves as an exfoliant and soak up oil.

The regimen's cleanser, toner, moisturizer and mask are all hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic — perfect for sensitive skin. All three skin-type systems contain a silymarin and Luo Han Guo botanical complex to ward off the damaging effects of antioxidants. To further fortify its use of natural botanicals in gentle skin care formulas, Mary Kay uses 100 percent recyclable cartons, 50% post-consumer resin, and caps with one-third less plastic. So in four easy steps, you're not only saving face, you're saving the environment, too.

Available at for $14-16 each.