Matt Damon is Bourne Again


Jeremy Renner, we're going to let you finish, but Matt Damon had the greatest Bourne ride of all time…and director Paul Greengrass agrees. Renner entered the franchise in 2012 when neither star not director wanted to work on the series. Now, the Damon-Greengrass team is reuniting for a fifth installment of the saga with Damon reprising his titular role.

“Paul Greengrass is going to do another one and that's all I ever said,” Damon told E! at the Project Greenlight red carpet last Friday night. “I just needed him to say yes.”

Originally, Greengrass, who also helmed Captain Phillips, told Deadline, “In the end I felt I had given it my all in two films I’m very proud of and didn’t want to make another if I didn’t believe it could be as good if not better…I discovered in my heart I didn’t have another one in me.” Luckily the tide has turned.

The next Bourne chapter will begin shooting next year and unfold in theaters in 2016, giving Damon plenty of time to shape up. Yes, we'll be waiting on a shirtless scene, or three.