Mayhem A La Mode: Meet the Papier-Mache Queen


There seems to be a theme with pint-sized powerhouses winning us over at Fashion Week. First, June Ambrose’s daughter Summer. Then Rachel Zoe’s two boys Skyler and Kaius. We’ve even got our ownKindergarten Critic whose expertise we couldn’t do without. Added to the mix, after a mini-meet-and-greet, is Mayhem!

You know her as the papier-mâché couturier, whose replicas of runway wears and red-carpet wins garnered 412,145 Instagram followers (and counting!), and the attention of Vogue. What we found most surprising about the fashionista is that a career in clothing design may not be in her future.

“A pizza maker,” she quipped at the Samsung Galaxy Lounge during New York Fashion Week when asked of her future aspirations. There’s plenty of time for the 4-year-old to change her mind, but mom Angie Keiser won’t bet on it.

“People ask us all the time, ‘Why don’t you do more videos?’” said Kaiser. “It’s because the majority of the time, she’s in her underwear. She does not like to wear clothes at home all that much! Someone asked her ‘Do you like paper clothes or real clothes?’ and she goes, ‘I don’t really like any clothes!’”

Still, her sartorial skills have blossomed.

“It’s interesting because it’s evolving now,” Kaiser said of Mayhem taking her designs to the next level. “We used to just go from photographs, now we can take a photograph of her and draw on it using an S-pen [from Samsung]… Now she’s learning how to draw things to scale and learn that people don’t have to have straight arms [in sketches]. They can have their hands on their hips!”

So sassy, that one!