Megan Fox Goes Into The Wild For Avon “Instinct”


Sexy may not be an instinct for some of us, but for Megan Fox, it sure is. The actress is the face of Avon’s new fragrance, “Instinct,” and the brunette beauty totally embodies the fierceness that the scent suggests. The “For Her” fragrance is a “fruity floral,” while the “For Him” version has a “woody aromatic.” In the smoldering ads for the fragrance pair, Fox looks ferocious as she dons animal prints that mimic the look of the scent’s bottle.

We’d say that Fox did a darn good job at giving the folks at Avon just what they were after – not to mention the fact that even her name fits the animalistic vibe. As Avon exec Denise McEvor put it, “We were looking for someone who could portray the essence of a wildly alluring fragrance…She’s the perfect face for a scent that’s intensely alluring and a little bit dangerous.” Well, dangerous as it may be, this Fox has slyly convinced us to give in to our instinct to go try it ourselves.