Melt Fat With Breakthrough Treatment Zerona®


You may have heard about the body-contouring system Zerona® on the Today show or Dr. Oz. It’s a noninvasive, totally painless, state-of-the-art method to melt fat in the waist, hips, and thighs. Zerona® is the only noninvasive device cleared by the FDA for safe, effective fat reduction, and you can target all the areas you choose at the same time—in a 40-minute treatment. To get the inside scoop on this breakthrough treatment, we stopped by American Laser Skincare in Berkeley, California, to speak with clinic manager Lisa Arrington and regional manager Dany'l Phillips about the benefits of Zerona®

What are the benefits of Zerona® as compared with other body-contour treatments?

Because Zerona® is the only FDA-cleared introduction laser right now, our clients are using it to focus on their waist, hips, arms, and thighs. They usually get results within two weeks.

You’re not killing the fat cell, just reducing it—so is maintenance needed?

Right. We’re using the laser to penetrate fat tissue. Once it does that, it actually creates a pore or a hole in that fat tissue where the fatty lipids seep out of the pore. So typically the client needs to come in every other day because the pore is open for only 72 hours. Once the pore is open, we want to make sure that we’re continually treating the client so the fatty lipids continue to be disposed of through the lymphatic system. Typically clients purchase 6, 9, or 12 treatments.

Then what happens after the treatment?
Clients can continue Zerona® treatments for as long as they want because there aren’t any side effects. You can do it until you’ve reached your desired results, as long as you’re healthy and continue to exercise. It works on everybody—that is guaranteed, whether you are large or small. But not if you go out and eat Krispy Kremes every morning!

Are there certain areas that people target most?
Normally we ask you which is area where you have the hardest time losing fat. Most people say the abdomen or thigh area.

Is Zerona® painful?
No pain—you don’t feel anything.

Soreness, recovery?
No, none at all.

How many clinics are performing the treatments?
All 216 of our clinics offer Zerona®.

Is there an average age? Men too?
No average age; men also come in. Zerona® targets the hard-to-reach areas, those that doing sit-ups all day long won’t affect. That’s what’s special about the Zerona® treatments versus other treatments.

Is there anyone you would turn away from this procedure?
Clients who have cancer or a lowered immune system, and clients with diabetes. That’s because we’re stimulating the lymphatic system.

How do you bundle treatments to make sure people are getting the full benefit?
Normally the Vela treatment is for cellulite reduction and Zerona® for intrareduction. Typically the Zerona® package comes with the Vela treatment because we’re shrinking fat cells and want to continue stimulating the lymphatic system and get rid of toxins. Usually the session is around 40 minutes total, 20 minutes on each side. Then there’s about 15 minutes for a Vela session, which uses suction.

Is there a standard rate?
We take BMI—body mass index—and do measurements first, so it depends on what the client needs. You can purchase them per treatment, but you’re not going to get results if you don’t go the recommended time. And you can always purchase more if there are still some areas where you’d like to lose more inches.

Would you share some of the big names endorsing Zerona®?
Dr. Oz, The Doctors, Good Morning America, the Today show, Nightline, Shape, Fitness. They’re talking about the results clients are getting. With exercise and continuing to eat right, some clients are losing up to 11 inches.

Is this good for someone who wants to whittle off a few inches or for someone who wants to lose dozens of inches?
Both. In our tester clinic, there was a client who lost 14 inches. It really ranges. If you have areas like the tummy, where you just can’t seem to get rid of it and want to tighten, tone, and lose some inches there, it could work for you. But the biggest results come from larger clients who are looking for some massive inch loss.

Are you currently running any promotions for Zerona®?
We do trial treatments. If you come in and want to see how it works, we’re always willing to do that. In one session, we take your measurements so you can determine exactly what you’d like to lose. We can then put you under the machine to see how it feels, to ease any fears. We offer different sales promotions every month.