Memorial Day Drinks for a Patriotic Start to Summer


Next Monday, while you're sitting by the BBQ decked out in white, make sure the drink you're sipping on is worthy of starting the summer off. We've rounded up five cocktail recipes for your weekend get-together, including a Memorial Day sangria, a patriotic vodka punch, and a sunshine filled tequila lemonade, all sure to make your day of remembrance one to remember.

Memorial Day Rose Sangria by KTCHN

Per 1 bottle of Rose, add:
6oz Muscat wine
4oz peach liqueur
2oz strawberry liqueur
2oz cassis liqueur
2oz simple syrup
2 ripe peaches cut in wedges
10 cherries cut in half (pitted)
10 strawberries cut in quarters

memorial day sangria.jpg

Garnish with a peach wedge or a halve strawberry.

Patriotic Punch

1.5oz American Harvest
.75 Boiron strawberry
.75 Simple syrup
.5oz Lemon juice
2oz Sparkling wine

patriotic punch.jpg.jpg

Shake all ingredients with ice. Add 2oz chilled sparkling wine to the tin and strain into a martini glass. Garnish with a strawberry slice and a mint leaf.

Summertime Sweetness

2oz American Harvest
.75oz Simple syrup
3 large lemon wedges
8 mint leaves
3 slices of peeled ginger

summetime sweetness.jpg

Muddle fruit and mint with simple syrup. Add American Harvest and shake. Strain into a rocks glass and garnish with a mint sprig.

Spirit of the Homeland

2 parts Jägermeister
1/4 part lemon nectar
1/2 part fresh lemon juice
Sparkling raspberry lemonade
Shake ingredients together well with ice. Strain into an 8 oz. highball glass full of fresh ice. Top with sparkling raspberry lemonade. Garnish with a wide orange peel.

spirit of the homeland.jpg.jpg.jpg

Avión Lemonade

2 parts Avión Silver
1 part Fresh Lemon Juice
1 part Simple Syrup
Top with Club Soda

Build ingredients in a Collins glass with ice and stir. Garnish with a lemon wedge and mint leaf.