Met Gala 2013: Sienna Miller Spikes Up Her Look from Head to Toe


Sienna Miller took a good look at the Met Gala’s theme and ended up with a sharp ensemble for the red carpet. Dressed in Burberry, the Factory Girl topped off her with a fully studded jacket from the brand and a spiked Eddie Borgoheadband. To accommodate the hard wear headpiece, Oscar Blandi created a grunge glam look for tresses while Deborah Lippmann took the look to the stars tips and toes!

For her hair, Blandi started by mixing his Pronto Dry Sculpting Pomade and Pronto Instant Glossing Cream together before applying it to Miller’s fully dried hair to create a “dirty” textured with a touch of polish. He then took two side of the hair and slicked them back using a blend of the Hair Lift Serum and Mousse before using a curling iron to create a light bend in her tresses. He then took both sides of the hair and pulled them back as if he were creating a ponytail. He used a hair elastic to secure the tail while allowing one side to fall to show off the rough texture and adding the Eddie Borgo headband for the finishing touch.

Lippmann contrasted the white dress with a few coats of Fade to Black on her fingers and toes before she added a cone stud to each fingernail and a skull stud on her big toe before sealing them on with her one of her signature topcoats.