Michael Kors Gets Techy


Michael Kors is expanding into tech accessories, going beyond the smartphone and iPad cases he already makes. Instead of just offering a form of chic protection for our prized techy possessions, the designer is launching a line of functional phone-charging cases, earbuds and chargers that resemble women’s cosmetics like lipstick and a compact case.

The PowerCase features a built-in battery that provides up to 100 percent extra battery power. Kors also collaborated with Duracell and designed seven Duracell Powermat kits for the iPhone 5/5s. Versions of the Powermat kits are expected to launch early next year.

“The men and women who I design for are constantly on the go,” Kors said. “They live full lives and they need their phones to work from morning until night breakfast to boardroom, on business trips and vacation…In this fast world, which is only getting faster, you never want your phone to die.” The items range in price from $58 for the lipstick charger to $140 for the Powermat kit and will launch at Michael Kors stores and on MichaelKors.com this month.