Michelle Williams’s Tumbles Teach Everyone to Play On


We all have had our share of embarrassing moments that we still cringe over, but Michelle Williams is here to assure everyone that you can keep moving forward. The songstress partnered with Playtex for its Play On campaign to inspire everyday women to laugh off life’s crazy curveballs and persevere with grace. Glam sat down with the former Destiny’s Child member to talk about fashion faux pas, beauty mistakes, and her most serious slipup:

What’s behind Playtex’s Play On Movement?

It first off celebrates every day women, and yet I get to be vulnerable. I’m still an everyday woman, but as far as someone in media, who’s not ashamed to tell you of my embarrassing moments, my literal stumbles, and to encourage people to keep it moving and play on. I need people to hashtag “play on” and keep it moving. I think even though it’s 2014, you can never get enough of talking about women’s empowerment. 

Being on stage comes with its share of risks and mishaps. What was one time that you remember?

Don’t act like you don’t know! The biggest thing that people still talk about is when I fell on live television. That was hard, and that’s why artists, choreographers, and I are big on rehearsing in what you are going to wear. If you’re going to rehearse in what you’re going to wear, rehearse full out so if I lift my hand [I can find out] if it’s going to tear open. I haven’t really had the chance to discuss that mishap a lot because it took me years before I could even watch it.

I had on some cargo pants with heels, and you know sometimes the pants have little strings? They got caught and I didn’t have anywhere else to go but on my face. So once again you just get back up and keep moving, but I’m in the hall of fame with people like Madonna, Robin Williams, Usher, Beyoncé. It happens. You’re not a diva until you take a tumble. From now on, I think about what I’m going to wear performance-wise, at least rehearse in the shoes I’m going to wear to now if I need to reinforce the heel or put skid stuff on the bottom. So things like that are very important on my checklist of things to do.

How do you handle a fashion faux pas?

You’ve got to keep it moving and act like you’re fierce! You don’t want to show insecurity on the red carpet; you’ve just got to say, “I look like Big Bird, but hey!” I’ve definitely looked like Big Bird a few times on the red carpet. But then again [you have to think] ‘Do you like what you’re wearing?” if so, who cares?

How would you describe your style?

I buy things that are going to be practical. If I want to spend money on something, I want to be able to wear it two to three years from now if I want to. There are certain must-have trendy pieces you might have to have; I’ll do that. Every now and then if you want to buy a trendy piece, go for it.

What do you do when you have a beauty disaster?

One time I got happy [with my perfume], and stared spraying it all over, and I reeked! It was horrible; you have to be careful about the amount you use.

What are some of your favorite beauty trends you’re seeing now?

I love the whole London look; it’s slowly been coming over here. I still like fresh, young looks sometimes. I have sensitive skin, and a lot of the cool bronzers and mineralizers – even though it’s supposed to be mineral – still breaks me out. I do love everything from Rimmel, like their [Show Off] Lip Lacquer, and then again it’s from London. I’m getting back into fragrances, everything about being a lady, and taking time to just [spritz] a fragrance on or just roll on an oil. It’s Apothia IF, one of the best fragrances in the world. I tried it in oil because they say it lasts longer. I’m in love with my Clarisonic brush. I notice a difference when I don’t use it. Sometimes you want to be lazy and just wash you face and go to bed, but nope, break out that Clarisonic and use it. Two people said, “Oh me God, your skin’s amazing.” Even a man said, “You skin looks so good.” I Thought, “Really? No makeup. Yay!” It really works to even tone.

What’s the final item in your makeup bag trifecta?

Mascara. I’m troubleshooting a bunch of different mascaras, because they have all of these coming like one coming out with primer in it, and volumizing, and falsies. There’s all sorts of different kinds. The Maybelline Falsies is good and so is the Zoom Lash [from MAC] is pretty amazing too. You ever bought mascara in the wrong color and you wear it anyway? I thought I bought the Zoom Lash in black, but it turned out to be brown, and I just wear it anyway just to get that effect. Sometimes you don’t want to wear makeup, but you might want to lift your eyes to look awake with a bit of gloss or something.

Who are your fashion and beauty icons?

I love Halle Berry; Halle’s always so sexy and classy. I try to emulate that classiness with a little sexiness. Zoe Saldana. Even if [Saldana] has on a leather jacket with a tank and jeans, anything like that is pretty amazing to me. Michelle Obama…did she ever think she’d become this fashion person? You walk into J. Crew now and think, “I wonder if they have the necklace that she had on the other day.” There are even some males who have pretty cool style. I love the risks that Rihanna takes, not that I can do the nipple shirts, but I’m like “Go for it!” I love the risks that she takes.

What’s the best empowering advice you’ve ever received?

It’s hard to hear sometime that you are good enough because you don’t want to be vain. You do belong. Even so much as taking a minute to just enjoy where you are. These years go by so quickly, and then you look back and think, “Why didn’t I enjoy?” We get full itineraries each day, and we don’t take the time to eat at our favorite restaurant or something like that. I was tired last night, and I went to Blue Ribbon and had the Wasabi Chicken. Things like that [are] what I’m starting to do, even if it’s by myself.