Minx Nails Launches a Gorgeous Ramadan Collection

File this under we never saw this one coming.

We're used to capsule collections from nail brands; generally they're themed after an exotic locale or a hot-right-now celebrity. But a religious holiday? Now that's new.

Minx Nails recently released a limited-edition set of beautiful nail art designs in honor of Ramadan, the 30-day Islamic period which sees Muslims all around the world fasting from sun up to sun down as an act of faith and sacrifice. If you celebrate Ramadan, this one's especially for you.

Or is it? A great idea in theory, but we hear Muslim women aren't allowed to wear anything decorative whilst praying during Ramadan, including nail art. Seeing as how they pray several times throughout the day, and a Minx manicure lasts up to 14 days, this just doesn't seem feasible for those it was actually intended for.

Any-who, check out more of the designs below. This year Ramadan is celebrated from August 1st until the 30th; visit MinxNails.com to learn more and find a salon near you.