Molly Sims Has Your Fix for Falsies Frustration


Faux lashes can be frightening for the uninitiated. Between the lash choice, the glue, and the placement, there are many ways it can go wrong.

When it comes to falsies, you can ease the application with a thin line of liquid liner — no wing necessary – as it can conceal the lash strip. A tiny bead of glue is enough for a lash, but you’ll want to wait 30 seconds for it to become tacky, so it can easily adhere to the lid. If you have shaky hand and don’t want to glue your fingers together, tweezers can hold the strip steady as you apply them. But what about getting the angle right? Thankfully there’s always Molly Sims.

After the megamodel dispensed choice advice for snapping a stunning selfie to Glam, we had to see if she had another pearl of wisdom she was willing to share. As she showed off her freshly dyed strawberry blonde locks care of Nexxus (more on that later, promise) she let us in on her newest beauty tip.

“If you’re putting on lashes, take a mirror and put the lashes on in the mirror because you can see yourself,” she explained as she mimicked the motion of staring in a mirror in her lap to apply the imaginary lashes. “Instead of trying to do it [facing a mirror normally], you can do it down from the bottom.”

Another tidbit to keep in mind, it’s easier to start by sticking them on from the middle of the lash, so you can adjust the inner and outer corners as needed. Thanks, Molly!