Music Musings: Just Call Drake “6 God”


Not feeling Drake’s latest leak? How about now?

After a 17-year-old Georgia teen uploaded an unreleased Aubrey Graham track to the Internets last week, the self-proclaimed “6 God” took matters into his own hand. Not only did Drizzy make the song available for free download via SoundCloud, he threw in two more records for the win.

Now, before you get your hopes up, do note that this triplet doesn’t comprise a mixtape, nor is it confirmed to appear on his 2015 album Views from the 6. “That wasn’t an EP,” the OVO Sound head tweeted. “Just 3 songs that I knew some hackers had. But enjoy! Back to this album.”

Either way, it’s been three months since Drake gave us an official single, meaning our iPod is in need of his sensitive special touch. (That was a just a joke, folks).

Listen to “6 God,” “How Bout Now,” and “Heat of the Moment” below:

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