Names For Kate and Will’s Royal Baby


Oh baby baby, Kate Middleton is officially preggers! The questions on everyone's mind is whether or not the regal couple will be having a boy or a girl. Furthermore, what do they plan on calling their tiny future monarch? Though Buckingham Palace has yet to ask our royal opinion, we've rounded up some potential names for Kate and Will's future infant. Which do you like best?

Charles: after William's father, Charles Prince of Wales
Harry: so he'll take after William's fun loving, ginger brother of course
Richard: nicknamed 'Richard the Lionheart,' this 12th century king is an enduring iconic figure in England
Ailbert: as a tribute to the time the couple spent together at St. Andrews in Edinburgh, a name of Scottish origin meaning “noble”
Duke: Duke the baby Duke of Cambridge…ha
Arthur: because the Sword and the Stone is one of our favorite myths

Leighton: a last name existing generations ago in both Kate and William's families
Diana: the most likely name for the royal baby in commemoration of William's late mother
Elizabeth: after William's grandmother, the current monarch of England, Queen Elizabeth
Phillipa: after Kate's bootylicious younger sister, Pippa
Amelia: the reigning name for baby girls in the UK
Cwen: an old English name meaning “Queen”