Naomi Campbell Doesn’t Think Supermodels Exist Anymore


Naomi Campbell is hard on the promo tour for The Face, a modeling competition show that she, Karolina Kurkova and Coco Rocha star on with hostĀ Nigel Barker. The power group coaches girls hoping to newest face of ULTA Beauty and the next supermodel.

It's important to note that the term supermodel has taken on a different connotation that when it was used to describe Campbell. Supermodels as Campbell knows them, don't exist anymore. “It exists as an individual, but it doesn't exist as a group,” Campbell said during a conference call with Glam. “We were friends when the cameras stopped rolling, we were friends when our work was done, we cared to be in each other's company, we cared to vacation together, we cared to want to hang out. I don't think there will be a group of ladies coming up together at the same time… as a group,” she elaborated.

We asked the supermodel why she thought that was. “Times have changed, the photographers, the designers, everyone was much more, in contact, with each other,” Campbell said. “It's much more corporate, and of course everything has to evolve in life, it's a business. It was a smaller circle.”

While the definition of the term may have changed, the duties stay the same. Campbell dropped hints about what she thought it took to do well in theĀ competition: remember this is a business, you aren't there to make friends, be ready and on your toes, and lastly, remember you're a model–you're being paid to give good face.