Natalie Portman Ditches Her Big Day for Miss Dior


Natalie Portman has a serious case of cold feet, at least in her new short film with Dior.

The Knight of Cups actress plays a runaway bride who’s not too enthused about her big day. “It’s Miss, actually,” Portman corrects a bellboy who calls her “Madame” when he hands off her bouquet. Initially shot in black and white by Dutch photographer Anton Corbijin, she ponders her situation until her father appears to walk her down the aisle. 

But she never meets her groom! Instead she plucks a bloom from her bouquet for her dad before dashing off to a cliff (in full color), ditching her wedding gown and shoes along the way to reveal a sultry LBD. She’s snapped up by a CD monogrammed helicopter piloted by her mystery man in flurry of flowers, sailing past the Eiffel Tower. 

While we would never leave a wedding gown like that on the ground, Portman perfectly portrays the Miss Dior attitude of chasing your own happy ending.

Haven’t seen the film yet? Check out the clip below: