Need Some Help Choosing Your New Year’s Resolution?


As we take in the final day of 2012 and anticipate 2013 rapidly approaching, it's time to make some final decisions and set those New Year's Resolutions! If you're stuck for inspiration, Calypso St Barth is here to save your year. The brand teamed up with famed astrologer Susan Miller from Astrology Zonea favorite in the fashion circuit – to pair your inner color with your personal traits to provide the most successful plan for 2013. ”Each planet rules a different set of colors. If you want to bring the influence, energy, and strength of any planet into your life, you choose the color that is associated with that planet,” she explained. Spin their virtual wheel to find your color aura, and review Miller's notes on what energy you give off based on your hue. With her tips from the stars, you'll be well set on your resolution path to a successful and fun 2013!