Nivea Kicks Off Its Kiss of the Year Contest with Mario Lopez and Courtney Mazza

Times Square is the place to be with when the ball drops on New Year’s Eve, but more importantly, you’ll need someone to smooch at the stroke of midnight. Nivea is once again sponsoring the event that takes over the crossroads of the world for the biggest night of the year with it Kiss of the Year contest. All it takes is a like on the brand’s Facebook page where you can share why you and your special someone deserve the perfect start to the New Year. Newly-named X Factor host Mario Lopez and wife Courtney Mazza are returning to where they met, fell in love, and shared their first kiss as this year’s Celebrity Kiss Ambassador Couple. Plus they’ll a panel of judges that will help choose the most deserving couple where Nivea fans will vote for their favorite of the three finalists to win the grand prize trip to Times Square on New Year’s Eve. We got to have a quick chat with the charming couple about becoming Nivea’s newest ambassadors, and the power of a New Year’s Kiss.

How were you two chosen to be Nivea’s Official Celebrity Kiss Ambassador Couple?
Mario: They pretty much approached us, and it made a lot of sense for us because we’re fans of the product and everything it was about. Here in New York City, in Manhattan was where we fell in love and had our first kiss on New Year’s Eve; we got engaged last New Year’s Eve. Being in love is truly what we’re all about.

Since Times Square is such a special place for you both, is there anything special you plan to do to ante up your midnight kiss?
Mario: I think we want to keep thing PG—
Courtney: I think what’s beautiful about it is that the couple next to us will have been chosen by America. So I think that in itself is beautiful for whatever story they’ll have told. And the couple that was here tonight was so inspirational. We’re so happy to be a part of it because these stories that people have, and we’re happy to be there and support them.

So have you started picking out your Nivea lip balm flavors for the occasion?
Courtney: I already have my few that I personally love. I’m a creature of habit so I tend to stick to the handful of flavors I like.
Mario: I keep it classic and original.

For more information or to enter, please visit Nivea’s Facebook page.