#NYFW Rachel Antonoff’s High School Dance

When the disco ball drops, you know you must be at a Rachel Antonoff production. The designer, who is known for her clever and elaborate settings, took us back to high school with a dance/presentation held in LaGuardia High School’s gymnasium Saturday afternoon. The fun, kicky dresses and separates were as sweet as the piles of pink Hostess Snowballs left on tables for guests to nibble on. Antonoff’s keen sense of humor shone through; pockets in the shape of cat ears and trombone printed skirts made us smile. The Like played live as models and guests filled up on punch. Balloons, crepe paper and homemade posters in shaky handwriting reading, “School Dance Today!” added an authentic touch. In Antonoff’s version of high school everyone is chic—from the loners sitting it out on the risers to the popular kids cutting a rug on the dance floor.