#NYFW Spring 2013: Alice + Olivia (Plus Stacey Bendet Q&A)

Inspired by the 50s, the new Alice + Olivia line mixes deliciously dainty silhouettes with that slight, sexy Stacey Bendet edge. The primary colors fused with baby pinks, pastel yellows, and light blues added an ooze of optimism and whimsy that just make us feel so downright happy! And her eclectic bags and shoes provided the perfect panache to the gorgeous bustiers and floor length skirts, polka dotted pants and party dresses that ranged in occasion and personality. The cupcakes, mini frozen magnum bars and adorable cocktails were a nice touch too!

We were lucky enough to hear straight from the source all about her uplifting collection that celebrates all things 50s Americana, and how this designer balances her baby of a collection with her two young girls.

Your collection is just so fun, whimsical and happy. What was your inspiration?

The theme of the show is when one door shuts, another door opens. Each door is supposed to represent when you’re walking into each set, it’s supposed to be this return to optimism. Like a 1950s sort of “anything is possible” moment.

You’re using a lot of pastel colors here, which aren’t the first that come to mind for me when I hear “50s glam.” How did you decide on this palette?

I based the whole color pallete on a painting by Ilya Bolotowsky, who was known for getting this primary palette with lighter colors in there. So it would be like red, yellow, blue, coral, lighter pink, baby blue. And that’s kind of what I based the whole thing around.

And how old are your girls now?

[Eloise will be] almost four and [Scarlet is] one and a half.

How do you balance being a full-time designer and a full-time mom of two young girls?

Um, with not very much sleep!

What’s your favorite piece in the collection?

Omigod, I have so many! I love all of our new bags and all of our embroidered pieces — the gowns and the jackets and the embroidered yellow skirt with flowers!

And how would you describe the ultimate Alice + Olivia girl? Who are you designing for?

I try to design for every woman. I love when like three totally different people can put things on in different ways. I feel like when I do that, I did a good job.