#NYFW Spring 2013: Porsche Design

Thomas Steinbruck, Creative Director of Porsche Design, said that he “was inspired by a retro futuristic mood between modernity and emotion” that captured “chic ergometry” and innovative, perfected looks. Thus sprung his Spring 2013 collection: an array of sharp looks that read as sexy and slick as the covetable automobile of refined taste and a shared name.

Eyes glued on his presentation — and wishing the clothes were ours — we took note of Steinbruck's pristine attention to detail, and drew fascinated by his use of a different type of material called Raw-Tec Eurojersey. It is apparently an “innovative fabric, that can be washed and cut without sewing.” By using this futuristic textile, he said he wanted to create a line of clothing that could be dressed up and down, but that was much more modern than classic, despite the familiar silhouettes. With his affinity for time-honored shapes and willingness to experiment with advanced eurojersey, Steinbruck created clothing that looked “sexy” and still gave people a reason to aspire to wear it.

Porsche Design's presentation space was simple with solid, black glossy panels serving as a backdrop for models could tell the line's savvy sartorial tale. There was a hefty selection of asymmetrical jackets and cropped trousers for women; and cuffed pants and shorts for men, alongside an array of well structured jackets and polo tops. The color scheme kept consistent with a neutral palette of whites, beiges, blacks, navy, and minimal splash of orange keeping it on beat (and wishing well to the stunning color's dominance for next season).