Obsessed With Oxblood Nails


DEEP. DARK. MYSTERIOUS. SEXY. Oxblood is undeniably the It color for fall, and it’s all over the latest clothing and holiday makeup collections. Depending on your skin color it can be a tough color to rock. Nails offer a super easy and accessible way to rock fall’s hottest color, and just about every polish brand has a sexy wine, deep burgundy, or on trend oxblood in their offerings. Recently I visited the super chic Polish Bar of Brooklyn and got some sick nail art via their in house artist Mimi. She used a dark oxblood (I believe it was Essie’s classic Lincoln Park After Dark), and accented it with gold to amp up the look. I’m now obsessed with the combination and I’m on the hunt for hot oxblood nail polishes to add to my collection. If you’re seeking a drugstore option, I recommend you check out Cover Girl’s new Outlast Stay Brilliant nail polishes. Fifteen hot on-trend colors in a high quality lacquer that lasts. Here I’ve done something of a reverse French look with Wine Stain and Golden Opportunity. Love!

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