Oh My Gosh, Look At Her Butt—Kim Kardashian’s, That Is


If you’re reading this, your Internet did not break. Sorry, Kim.

But, still…we’re not saying she didn’t give it a good try. Kim Kardashian West bares her bountiful butt on Paper magazine’s winter 2014 cover. The reality TV star (whose recent marriage to Kanye West sparked her enthusiastic entry into the fashion industry) posed for photographer Jean-Paul Goude in a recreation of his iconic “Champagne Incident”…plus a more naked photo, for good measure.

In an attempt to #BreaktheInternet, Kardashian shared both cover photos on her Instagram Tuesday night. As expected, it got a rise out of followers and non-followers alike. Kanye West proudly tweeted the photo alongside the caption “#ALLDAY” (he couldn’t be bothered to use the hashtag they decided on for the campaign…), while Chelsea Handler posted a #belfie of her own beside Kim’s, daring Instagram to guess which one is real.

Oh, also, Kim tweeted this as a follow-up:

We’ll withhold commentary on that matter, but how about that butt? Our own reaction is best summed up by the one and only Nicki Minaj: Oh my gosh, look at her butt. It’s about time that Kardashian’s famed derriere claimed its place in the spotlight in all its overwhelmingly enormous and round (and probably Photoshopped?) glory. Put it this way: we can only imagine what’s going on within the pages of that magazine, which is out Thursday. Standby for actual Internet breakage.