Oh, So Glam: Cire Trudon



Have you ever heard of Cire Trudon candles? Even if you don't know the name, odds are you may have seen these candles displayed at your favorite home and decor store. Their trademark characteristic: all the candles are displayed under bell jars. I recently spotted the full collection in a shop near my apartment and had the best time exploring their fragrances. And though Cire Trudon was new to me, it's hardly new.

The Cire Trudon company dates back to 1643 — in fact, the company created candles for Marie Antoinette. Just a few short years ago, Cire Trudon was brought back to life with new scents that tell the story of its rich history (with gorgeous and sometimes recognizable names like “Odalisque”, “L'Admirable”, “Trianon”, and “Solis Rex”).

I'll let you in on a little secret too that I recently learned from this post: when smelling each candle's fragrance in a store, you need only lift the bell jar and smell the inside of that. The air inside the jar gives the truest sense (scents!) of what each candle's essence is. Ooh la la!

[Images: Cire Trudon; ManFace]

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