Pairing Wine with Fragrance to Toast Donna Karan WOMAN

WHEN IT COMES TO PAIRINGS, we have our go-tos: wine and cheese, strawberries and champagne, milk and cookies. But thanks to the creativity of Donna Karan and Avril Graham of Harper's Bazaar, we'll always now mix wine with fragrance.

To celebrate the newest scent from Donna Karan, aptly named Woman, Graham hosted a Wine and Fragrance pairing on the 44th floor of the gorgeous Hearst Tower, overlooking Central Park. Trudi Loren of Estee Lauder and Stephanie Johnson of City Winery employed their respective talents to match top notes from the perfume with appropriate pours. Over a zen and luxurious evening, Graham, Loren, and Johnson walked editors through four different scents, four different bites of appetizers, and the matching glasses of white wine with top notes of Donna Karan Woman. By using multiple senses to experience the elements of the fragrance, editors were afforded an intricate look at the creation of the new fragrance, understanding not only the sentiments and emotions of the mission of the perfume, but also how taste and smell can elevate each other in a truly enjoyable and educational way.

Scallop Ceviche – Fernard Girard Sancerre – Haitian Veiver

Roasted Tomato and Winter Melon Crostini – Familla Schroeder Deseado – Orange Blossom

Smoked Corn Coquette – Ramey Chardonnay 2009 – Sandalwood

Porcini Mushroom Tart – L’Angevin Pinot Noir 2009 – Donna Karan WOMAN

Donna Karan WOMAN is available now for $115 at Sephora or