Part II: Confessions From Our Favorite Goofy Glam Grammy Nominee Linda Chorney

Glam is so grateful to have Grammy nominee Linda Chorney sharing her candid pre-awards confessions with us. She is this year's goofiest, and dare we say greatest, contender in the best Americana album category. Using social media to share her music with the academy, Chorney earned herself a place in the spotlight and she is just the kind of independent go-getter we admire. But how is she preparing for music's biggest night? Read on…

Two weeks and Counting to the Grammys!

How on earth can I make this time pass by any faster? Hmmm, I know… Nothing like a little retail therapy to take off the edge. I take that back. There is one thing better. Wholesale Therapy! (Sex might be nice, too. But now that I am 51, I'd rather shop.)

I am in Tucson, Arizona. Home of lots of cactus, sunshine, and shiny gems. The largest gem show in the world takes place here every year. And it's going on now. So I hit it hard today, and scored big time.

Other than the chicken cutlet accessories, I needed a couple more pieces of bling to complete my ensemble for the Grammys.

I dig thick leather bracelets with silver, and I was searching for the perfect one to go with my dress. And I found it, and a few other things.

One piece for my anxiety. One piece for my self-indulgance. And one more for no particular reason.

There are thousands of booths of rocks, jewelry, and sculptures to weave through. There is so much to choose from, it is almost overwhelming, but I managed to handle it.

I think the most important thing about shopping, is when you see something, and you KNOW you love it, and of course it is almost within your budget? Get it!

If you are teetering? If you aren't quite sure? Don't get it. (I'm just speaking for myself.) But don't you guys have those things that you wear once or twice, and then they just sit in your closet, or drawer? And you ask yourself, “What was I thinking when I bought this?” Did that darn store have one of those skinny mirrors? I hate those!

Or, do you ever say to yourself, “This is the last time I go shopping after martinis!?”

How many times do you buy something, kind of sort of experiencing that initial high, but then feeling more guilt? I believe that is the result of buying something you are not truly doing back flips over.

Well I am still doing backflips over the designer I discovered today. One of a kind. And so cool!

His name is Lou Guerin. He is from France, but lives in Bali. His art, and it really is art, combines

ostrich, or sting ray, or leather, with hand made silver detail. And it is stunning. From bags, to belts, to chokers, to rings and bracelets.

So I got a ring, chocker, and bracelet. Black Ostrich. Here is a picture!

The only other artist that also blew me away like this, with a completely different style, is Nancy Anderson, Sweetbird Studio, in Boulder, Colorado, although I saw her stuff at Jazz Fest in New Orleans. I'll be wearing one of her belts on the Red Carpet.

And if you haven't been to Jazz Fest? You gotta go! What a blast. I recommend it way over Mardi Gras. That's just my personal opinion. If you like getting wasted and flashing your boobs for plastic beads, (hopefully not revealing your chicken cutlets), go to Mardi Gras.

Hey, whatever floats your boat. Beads, gems, booze…hmmm, could be a song. Song? Oh, no! Now I am thinking about the Grammys again! AHHH! Now what? I can't shop anymore. I'm done with that. Now, what else can I do? What were those other distracting options?

I know! How about a little acupuncture? Seriously! I had my first acupuncture session yesterday. I would rather get stuck with pins?

Ladies, listen to me. For those of you who are younger than I am, which is probably most of you, and you are still randy, DO IT WHILE YOU CAN! In fact, that is a song I did write, and it is on the nominated album, “Emotional Jukebox”.

Do it while you can, and save the shopping for when you can't. And I can't wait until February 12th.