Party Report: Stacey Bendet Goes Psycho For Babe Walker’s New Book


THE PARTY: Stacey Bendet Celebrates Psychos: A White Girl Problems Book

THE PLACE: Alice & Olivia showroom

THE DEETS: The party was only beginning when Tanner Cohen, David Oliver Cohen, and Lara Schoenhals were plotting their next @WhiteGrlProblem tweet: “My life isn’t a joke, it just feels like one,” shared Cohen. The trio behind the satirical Twitter feed and book penned by “Babe Walker” celebrated their latest feat, book number two, entitled Psychos. According to the very people that created her voice, Babe is the ultimate in over-the-top. Specifically, they said, “[She is] chic, wild, wise, misguided, free, and real…in the fakest way.”

To celebrate the release of Psychos, the hilarious writers teamed up with Stacey Bendet, girly-girl extraordinaire, to throw a very posh and pink-smattered party in her showroom, which overlooks New York’s Meatpacking District. Of the pleasantly extravagant nature of both Babe and the clothes Bendet creates, the designer says, “I always think a little too much is just enough.”

Certainly, everyone in attendance would have been inclined to agree. Regarding the process of writing from Babe’s point of view, Lara explained that, “any situation that we’ve gotten in [ourselves], we’ve usually had to elevate it to make it ‘Babe-worthy.’” Throughout the evening, guests took a crack at Babe-ifying their own “psycho” problems by writing them down (with snark) and posting them on the wall. Over cocktails and small bites, attendees like Nicky Hilton and Susan Sarandon reflected on their most “psycho” moments and epitomized White Girl Problems. For Bendet, it’s “Obviously my high heels in the wet New York streets lately.” And how does one fix the problem of drenched and ruined heels? “Uber!” Too true.