Playstation Move: A Great Gift for the Whole Family

Looking for a perfect (and affordable) gift that will inspire more family bonding time? This season, get your family and friends off the couch, and get active with the new social gaming attractions of PlayStation Move. With simple and easy-to-use equipment, a diverse selection of games, and multi-player participation, this new component of PS3 has something for every member of the family!

Here are a couple of our favorite of the PlayStation Move games that are coming out just in time for the holidays…

SingStar Dance

Do you think you have what it takes to perform like Britney, or hit those high notes like Whitney Houston? SingStar Dance will put your singing and dancing skills to the test, as you star in a solo performance or go head-to-head in a friendly showdown. The PlayStation Move motion controller keeps score as you mimic the choreography on the screen. And if you have that much confidence, you could even record your own music video, and share it on the web. Talk about the ultimate karaoke!

TV Superstars

Become the ultimate reality celebrity overnight with TV Superstars. This new social party game invites everyone to create their own personalized character and compete for popularity and fame in any of the five reality style TV shows it features. But you better be up for a challenge! The more you win the more commercial deals and product endorsements you score. TV Superstars is as real as it gets, as you can even keep track of your own fame through appearances in tabloid magazines!