Prabal Gurung Celebrates Women of Integrity


Prabal Gurung isn’t just about making women look good, he wants them to feel just as good.

“There has always been a strange sense of antagonism between fashion and powerful women, a belief that women must sacrifice femininity to gain power, authority and respect—and that fashion especially is too frivolous a concern for serious women,” he penned, er typed, in his blog The Journal, in a post titled Monday Muse. “I have never understood this notion, and I wouldn’t be doing what I do today if I believed it.”

“What I have always believed in, though, is the idea that with more women in power and more feminine influence in society, the world would be a more empathetic and compassionate and would be a better place,” he explained.

It’s with that thinking that led Gurung, who has always had a deep respect for women, to start a series on his blog to showcase “women of integrity, depth, sensuality and strength” because the designer believes that “a beautiful woman is a beautiful woman, but a beautiful woman with a brain an absolutely lethal combination.”

You are right about that, Prabal! We’re in love with this series and your first subject Suleika Jaouad—already.